Oriental Circus Indonesia

Show schedule:

May 31 - June 25, 2012
Monday - Friday Show: 17.00 & 19.30
Saturday, Sunday & Day off Show: 13.00, 17.00 & 19.30

Lap terminal Kepandean
Jl Letnan Jidun - Serang

This event presented by Taman Safari Indonesia.


Ticket Price :

VVIP        : Rp.75.000
VIP           : Rp.60.000
UTAMA   : Rp.50.000
Kelas 2     : Rp.35.000
Ekonomi   : Rp.25.000

Ticket box

souvernir booth


Circus is an art attraction featuring the extraordinary ability such as bravery, quickness, strength, durability, flexibility and beauty. The circus can be watched by various society both young and old and from different social status and class
This event can be your alternative option to spend weekend with your family or someone special *giggles*. Actually, I've got this information from one of my office-friend, and he decide to take me there. Aaaaaand, here we go! Four of us, or maybe only me, so excited when we watched this show. This show really make my heartbeat like a racing car, wuuuuuuuuzzzzz! So, enjoy this picture although it's a little bit blurry, because I take that picture by camera phone. Enjooooooy!

some little cute dog

Actually, this is my favorite show. There are two people dancing in the dark, like a couples that's really in love.  They're move to the left, to the right, hugging, and kissing when they're flying. So romanticcccc! <3

I'm laugh ..out loud when I watched this. They're really so cute elephant. They've a super-duper-big body, but they're acting soooooo funny! The elephant dancing, shake hands ..hmm no no no.. shake their trunk, take a seat, and make a row! fufufuuuu~

And this one is the only one show that made audience feel so scared. Yes, they're TIGER! Rawrrrr.

And this event ended with the closing performances from all of the acrobatic. 

What a day! So happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Hey, thank you *winks*