• Writting. I wanna love something that much.
  • I have never stopped loving photograph & travelling.
  • Realized that I need to travel more.. within Indonesia! 
  • Never stopped dreaming and believing. yes.
  • Feel so happy to see one by one of my friend getting married. 
  • I love when I can creating something from nothing.
  • Being creative, more and more!
  • Love wearing hijab. 
  • Feel like need a looooooooooot of time to spend with my parents, my brother and my little sister.
  • Realized that mistakes are the best lessons in life.. you just need to learn and get better!
  • Really loves cooking! 
  • Really like fire wings level 3 Richeese Factory, although it make me crying! Ha.
  • I wanted to feel as passionate about something, mmhh something that can make me happy, maybe. Like, something that make me alive. Yes, 'alive'!
  • Wanna helping as many people as I can.
  • Love A more and moreeee..