Keep Calm & Move Up!

Sometimes the journey to understand what we want to be in our life can very tough and full of challenges, with tears too. Actually, I just realize that Allah is really kind to me, because Allah always teaches me how to be strong in life. But, I will never give up because eventually it will all just come to me, as soon as possible, destiny. So many times I fall and get beaten up in life, that's just such a training that Allah wants me to go through so I can become better and tougher. Just have no regrets and have a faith. Allah always with us, aamiin.

They say people change, yes.. I think it's more than just true, people change and then growing up.. I remember where i've been through a lot, things had changed, love, friendship, trust, dissapointed, loss, life, death and everything in between made me who I am now. I have no other option but to stay strong and keep my chin up. It's either fight or defeated. So, i guess being defeated is never been my option, for sure.

And growing up means I have to accept flaws and try to fix it. Not just the flaws of people around me, but most of all, my own. It means I also have to find my own way coping with loss, sadness, broken heart, and how to get back up after I fell so hard.

Became a winner or loser in life was a big thing for me, and I can never thank Allah enough for all of this opportunity. All the time that I spend to make this thing 'big' or 'happen', it was all so worth it! However, my size of happiness or sadness became even bigger as I learned something more valuable than just winning or losing.

Sometimes, I was sad, yes. But then I laughed and smiled, I thought that Allah is humorous when it comes to giving me life-lessons. I guess it's things like these that keep someone to be grateful and feel 'small'. That no matter what you do, what you achieve, some people will just not like you that much and continuously underestimate you ..and you know that's was good and great for your life! As soon as I stopped thinking and caring about what people think about me, I became much happier. Life is full of surprises (bitter and sweet), so we have to be prepared at all the times.

Winning is not a status or an end-result anyway's a mentality that you carry in life to keep trying and become better each and everyday.

All of the things and all my friends, life is a lesson. If you cant change a situation, change the way you look at it and everything will just be fine. Because, whatever it is, if it didn't happen, then it's not meant to happened, don't move on ..let's move up!

So, Keep Calm & Move Up! And Have a Good Day! ;)