Moving Out!


x: Are you moving out?

y: I think that it's the best for us, to spend some time apart.

x: Do you still love me?

y: I do love you. I really do! But I'm leaving, because..

x: Because it's easier to walk away that to fight what you really want. Am I right?

y: You don't know anything. There are a lot of things going on here that are just outside of your reach!

x: Another chance? Tommorow night, please?

y: All right. Only if I get to plan the whole night out, start to finish and you go along with whatever I say.

x: Wow, sounds like dangerous.

y: Only to someone who's used to running the show.

x: Indeed.

Pic taken at Borobudur Temple; Yogyakarta (16/11/12)