Damn, I Love Bandung!

Home to hundreds of thousands of people, Bandung is the capital hub that reflects the other influences in town. Major shopping malls, business hotels, caf├ęs and a multitude of mobile phone retail or electronic outlets thread the main thoroughfares mainly road. 

There are periods of relative calm but you’ll find the place most lively in the early morning, when the farmers bring harvests into the city, flower growers spread baskets of blooms and freshly picked petals across the entrance at lembang , and the fruit sellers beckon you towards their teetering displays of tropical produce ..in Bandung.

The streets alongside the markets are equally appealing for determined shopper. Jalan Riau is adorned with a lot of a ready-to-wear clothing or people usually called ‘factory outlet’, and the ease at which one can bargain for beautiful fashion items and table linen in happy conversation is all part of the experience. Here you always reach a compromise with a smile. Only in Bandung.

Yet Bandung is not just about shopping – it is also very much a cultural centre and historical places, both as the guardian of Bandung history and the cradle of its contemporary talents. At Supratman Road, all the remains of the royal palace is a Gedung Sate, while the Pos Museums its next to it. 

Jalan Asia-Afrika and Jalan Braga are a glorious tree-lined avenue that houses dozens of head offices, government agencies, bank headquarters and some other cultural-hotels. On pretty side streets there are the building of Asian-Africa Conferences and Meja Bundar Conferences.

There are really a lot of fun places, actually. But I wouldn't go back, if I could. Not yet. 

Later, maybe.. 


One day!