Really greatful to not to be a trying-hard person. I'm living my life as natural as I can. Everyday awake with what time and what I should do today, work as same as the to-do-list says. Little bit bored, actually. But, why I choose this way? Is because a mutual question from surround wall. I just play my role in this life, pay those with honesty and loyalty


I mean, It is really let it flow terms. Everything seem in logic and real, But to make it balance, I still put my self in fantasy. With hope and effort. And I am very glad for having all of them. Yes, them. They are superb talented, passionate, crazy and wild. And the most important, they could accept my weirdness and become real love. No need a typically.

Just give the best to what you have when you still around them.

So I don't have any reasons to make my self looks terrible, then.

Well maybe you were right. The flaws doesn't belong to someone else.

But me.

I need a rest. Or somewhat somewhere who wants to be my shelter. Support, affection and love. a personal touch.

More than enough.