16 September 2013

Sayonara, Long Holiday!

So many things happened this year. Whether ups or down. So many memories, bitter or sweet. Yes, some people came and went, or just passed by, sometimes. This is the year when soooo many mixed feelings have been playing around. The year that introduced me to some new people, both good or bad. I could barely decide whether this is the year I love or the year I loathe. sigh*

And yes it's time to say goodbye to every favourite time, day and hour spent during 'holiday'. To say goodbye to the super quality time spent at Bandung with family and friends, even only to make chocolate pudding, cooking with mom, or stay until midnight at cafe. Also, to every moment waking up late (hehe), lazy-ing time at my room or just reading books all day long, watching some serial movies several times or just.. taking a nap!hehe

Yes, it's time to let go (holiday). Time to say 'goodbye and see you again' in few years later. And finally, the right time to free every burden and move onto the new day. So let's get back to reality, work again, study hard, and pray harder!

*)Trouble and problems are something that we can’t resist..
maybe i’m not strong enough, but somehow ‘ i will survive’

7 komentar:

  1. U ar day is holiday jajaja...

  2. one of annoying moment when we have to say goodbye to wonderful things but this is life, never get what we want.
    life short enjoy so enjoy it

  3. Meninggalkan zona nyaman untuk menyiapkan masa depan :)

  4. Wah liburan panjang memang libur berapa tahun? wah nampaknya sedih berakhir masa liburnya, sabar nanti juga ada masanya lagi....keep posting yah


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