Happy New Yearrrrrr. Welcome, 2013!


Well, it's not always about being happy at the end, or being happy all the time. 2012 was sooooo amazing! Much of happiness, sadness, tears, smile, laugh and doubt feeling, duh. And what made my life beautiful, is all of those mixed moments. When I look back to the year 2012, along the time, I see an emotional journey that resembles happiness in such a different way. The feelings of sad and happy, up and downs, love and being hurts, light and dark, also good and bad. It means that every single moment can be valuable. I thank God, for everything. 2012 also full of dreams and hope. And in 2013,  I know that the best way to make my dreams come true is wake up.

2012, thank you for inspiring me all the time and for making one of my dreams come true. Enjoy the years and happy!

Hope in this years full of happiness and blessing.