Daydream daydream daydream!

Life got a bit boring lately. It's like repeating all these used-to-be new stuffs. Waking up in the early morning, going to work, working eight to five, going to campus, studying, going home, sleeping, waking up again, going to work again, and on, and on. Just try when I was wake up in the morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen.

I know, I'm just being ungrateful to life by saying this. I just really never like something-routin​​e, doing the same things over and over again in the period of time. I need some times off and do totally different things awhile. Just a little while. And I'm thinking of it now. Every time I blogwalking, it always inspires me about what another new thing to do next. And so many interesting things will pop here and there in my mind. It's exciting. Really. Just like what I have in mind now. How about writing fiction again, or makes some handmade crafting, or just make a plan for short-holiday, and etc, etc (end of thinking capacity? oh, ha!) Yes, I'm always good at figuring something out. What is not is starting it.

my handmade last week. post the tutorial soon ;)

Someday, I want to stop working this way. But.. I couldn't. I mean, not now. Maybe within at least three or four years more. I could imagine myself home, busying with some novel writing target or, maybe, some other exciting activities, while, some other times figuring some fresh menu or new design for my culinary and crafting business. Yes, it's a life I dream.

Oh daydream, daydream, daydream! 

I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow, then each road leads us where we want to go!

Good night, people..